Where Should I spend My Advertising Dollars?

Tourism Magazines?

Your message gets lost!

Buried between or behind the articles with so many other ads.


Talk is not cheap!

Effective radio ads must be purchased during prime times and repeated day after day after day…after day.


Newspapers are not the news source we once depended upon.

Now they are one more thing we must recycle!

Yellow Pages?

Now that everyone carries a cell phone with all their frequently called numbers already stored...

How often do we pick up an actual phone book?

Mountain Sky Hotel & Motel In-Room Guest Directories...

...Not the Only Choice…But Always a Wise Choice!

Your advertising message in each hotel and motel room at any hour of the day.


Effective Advertising with Prices and Terms That Work for You!

In Room Guest Directory Advertising

Full Color

Available Ad Sizes

Full Page - 6.5" Wide x 9.75" High
1/2 Vertical - 9.75" High x 3.125" Wide
1/2 Horizontal - 6.5" Wide x 4.75" High
TV Page - 6.125" Wide x 5" High (B/W only)
1/4 Horizontal - 6.5" Wide x 2.25" High
1/4 Vertical - 3.125" Wide x 4.75" High
1/8 Page - 3.125" Wide x 2.25" High


Your ad in every room - in all listed Hotels, Motels and Resorts.
Listing on Directory Maps and Area Business Locator Guides.


Your ad and a free link to your website or Facebook page on